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This is a blog where we study and develop several models of engines that everybody can make. Our goal is to create a ceramic stirling engine.But in the meantime we see another alternatives for to make at home. All is a question of the tools you have, but the most part of the models can make it with the typical tools and very cheaply, generally almost all the drawings are free.So enjoy and have fun with it!

Interesting links

 A good definition by Wikipedia you can find here.
The dedalus project.
Nices pages (in Spanish)

Important add from Germany.

Japan dossier

A comment about the ceramic motor by Wikipedia (in Spanish) here

Interesting links for to learn more about the ceramic technique.

The Starter Model: Stirling Engine SFA.

This is a very simple model you can build with very little budget, made it with cans, it's all a challenge for new people that require a lot of patience.

Here are the drawings for the machine

And the page of the author where you find a lot of information,
Nice project with SFA
Other page in Spanish with several modifications:

SFA stirling engine of several cylinders

The pringles version...
An older design.

The engine of this case remind us the 18th century. Very simple and funny is a chance you can't leave to escape.

Don't thinking more! build it with  these drawings and for more information, visit the page of the author.

LTD engine.

This is an appliance that can runs with the warm of your hand!.

Interesting page:

Steps for to build one, (in Spanish):
Why a stirling engine?
Steps for to build one.

Sympathetic video.

And another example.

This is the link for a Youtube channel from USA, where all the  tricks for to work with accurate are explained, there are 19 videos and it is recommendable to see all because you be later amazed with the technique and the funny machine obtained. Essential link for begginers.
Go to the first video here.
The channel of Muddy.

Cheap stirling engines.
Continuing with the low cost of engines these models are the best step for to know Stirling engines.

The link have several engines for to build, beta and gamma types!!!

Click here.

Walking beam Engine.

Courtesy from Instructables.
Nice engine made it with cardboard pieces. It have a good-looking from the past centuries.

Beta Stirling Engine.

Sympathetic model for to build in our house with reciclying materials. With a lot of options for to enjoy.

Look it here.

Horizontal Stirling Engine.

Other example of how to make a machine with cans, very easy, althought is more exact to call it like a "V" engine. All that you need is several cans, special glue and another old appliance whereby you can get some useful part.
Here is the link, in Spanish but very intuitive..

a scheme:

Other version of the engine in English

Alfa Stirling Engine.

Other add in Spanish, a machine so bulky but not less impressive!

Three sites where you can report yourself
in slideshare
Fluent description and theory
nice link in spanish,
  and mecanotecnia

Image at full size.

Videos where you can see the machine more close.
another design more little...

 small version with glass tubes.

The Free Piston Engine. (BEALE)

All a risk. A engine where the displacer is not linked to the power piston and a proposal for the
engines of the future.

A Japan´s idea of how to build it.

A French page with kits, but with photos for to have a idea of how to build yourself, very easy.

Wikipedia images.


Diaphragm Stirling engine.

A collection of several engines where a diaphragm engine are the power piston. Very easy of to build!!!

Click here.

Ceramic Stirling Engine.
Today is just a try for to make at home with domestic materials. In this page we would like to finish a model where you can make it and put on running. For the moment the page is in construction and with the next months we continue adding more information of how to build it.

For more information visit this page.

Thermoacustic Stirling Engine.

A thermoacustic engine courtesy of Chris Guise,

A funny concept of movement that we leave without breathing. Very interstering.

Some links where you can find information of the matter.
                                                       Fabulous pages for to make one.

Some videos:

Syringe and glass engine

 Easy and glamorous engine from China, the engine runs very well and very stable.

Here is the link.
                                  and a video demonstration.

Cardboard Stirling Engine.

An example how to build an engine with alternative materials, in this case with cardboard, the photos and the video show a vision for to build one. Recommended for people with some of experience.

the video                                         

Other Models.

In this section we show you models that very suitable for to build, if you have a lathe, milling machine and so either a big workshop or both.

From Japan, a Gamma engine very popular.

A site with several plans and descriptions.

Complete page with drawings but they are of pay.

A beta stirling design,courtesy of DBSO engineering for to make in steel and brass

Fantastic drawings from Germany!!

Here is the smallest and cheapest engine that you can build, however to find the graphite piston could be a trouble, anyway good luck!.

Miniature stirling engine

Complete directory of Stirling engines in Internet.

Free drawings for to make one engine.

See the instructions in this manual
Second manual

Funny Ideas.

A rare stirling engine for an airship!

A kit with a engine made of paper.
and a video of the machine

Interesting use of Stirling engine for the sun power.

Solar power with a machine in the sea.

Rare engines.

Nice idea for to cool the CPU of our computer.

Engine with a rotory displacer!
                                                    see the domestic version here.

The cycle of the Stirling engine in a German video. 

Rotory motor Stirling

Curious LTD engine

New type of stirling engine (in Spanish)

 Insteresting comments about constructing engines.

A cooler with a Stirling engine.

another big directory of stirling engines.

Uses of  the Stirling engine.